In-Room Automation

Honeywell's world-class R&D and Engineering teams work hard to bring you a broad range of innovative, intelligent devices and dependable, integrated systems. These are combined in various ways to provide solutions for energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest interfaces and operating enhancements for engineering, housekeeping, security, and other hotel staff groups. INNCOM system integration has proven to be among the most reliable, cost-effective and technologically advanced, room automation systems in the world for over 28 years.

InnCom Hotel Room Automation

INNcontrol 3 and the Deep Mesh Network

INNCOM Deep Mesh Network is a redundant, reliable, secure network that requires less wiring, hardware and maintenance than others in the industry and supports all the major hospitality vendors who require networking.

Real-time room status information / Room and property energy trend data

  • Alarm reports for malfunctioning equipment
  • Instant control of temperature setback parameters and other system settings
  • Online diagnostic/preventive maintenance / Interface with most PMS, BMS and other hotel systems
  • Automatic load shedding & peak demand algorithms
  • Higher security for guests / Remote access ready

INNCOM INNcontrol 3 Features

  • Real-time monitoring of HVAC equipment; reports malfunctioning units.
  • Can monitor humidity levels in each room and reports rooms exceeding acceptable threshold.
  • Monitors room network connection and reports non-communicating rooms.
  • Reports low battery level in room devices and rooms that show constant occupancy.
  • Reports property-centric events such as domestic hot water and utility company demand events.
  • Reports lost web access network (WAN) connection and property management interface connections.
  • Tracks and reports equipment run-time vs. baseline of rooms running without Energy Management control.

INNCOM Deep Mesh Network Features

  • Low-cost network infrastructure is embedded in other room devices
  • One Edge Router for up to 250 rooms
  • ZigBee

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