Smart Washroom Solution

Smart Washroom Solution is a powerful solution that helps you efficiently manage restroom amenities. The solution optimizes processes to make tasks accountable and reduce resource wastage. It also promotes public hygiene to initiate green, social distancing and safeguard visitor well-being.


Smart Washroom for people centric venues

Smart Washroom is designed to help people centric properties manage restrooms and deliver a better and more hygienic experience for its visitors and stakeholders.

Retail Properties
‧ Office & Commercial
‧ Transport Terminals
‧ Tourist Attractions
‧ Education & Institutions

Connected Restroom

A connected smart toilet to promote public hygiene, and safeguard visitor well-being. 

- Track and show key information of occupancy and toilet facilities for you and your visitors. A simple but comprehensive network of sensors to show:
    Occupancy down to the cubicle level
    Environmental data (Air, ammonia)
    Liquid and leakage
    Queuing at the location
    Stock level (toilet paper, soap etc.)

- Track with complete anonymity no compromise to visitor privacy

- Clear indication of availability and queue times to help redirect people to other amenity locations

- Gain actionable data to ensure cleanliness

Clear information for your visitors

Make your restroom data available and accessible right here.

Local Information
No more guessing. Provide effective information that helps your visitors digest the situation at a glance right at the location.
- Connect to Magic Mirror, Common displays and others

Improve Transparency
Provide clear information about the restroom environment and help manage expectations.

Reduce Queuing
Let visitors know where else to go when crowding, queuing occurs.

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