Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR), sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Mixed reality takes place not only in the physical world or the virtual world,[1] but is a mix of reality and virtual reality, encompassing both augmented reality and augmented virtuality via immersive technology.


MR Principle

Head-mounted display(HMD)

  • Opaque display (blocking real-world images, presenting image signals)

Physical Space

  • Tabletops
  • Ambient Space

User Input

  • Gaze
  • Gesture
  • Voice Commands
  • Mouse & Keyboard

Holographic Form

  • 3D Objects
  • 3D Structures
  • Holographic UI Elements
  • 3D Animation Using
  • Ambient Space

3D Sound

  • User Interaction Feedback Audio
  • Ambient Sound

Mixed Reality Design Methods

  • Spatializing Data
  • Screen to World
  • Mixed Reality Play
  • Holographic Building

MR design system

Using the Unity 3D professional development engine works with virtual helmets, interactive handles, somatosensory and other devices combined with spatial recognition, light recognition and pixel recognition, the real objects are secondarily restored in the form of multidimensional coordinate systems and finally visualize in front of the user. It enhances user engagement and experience.

MR Interior Design

MR Real-time Interior Design
Subverting traditional design operations

Designers use the MR device to design in the virtual space directly. It allows designers to enter the virtual reality to experience the design, preview the design effect, adjust the furniture placement easily, convert the furniture material and color in the virtual space, etc.

MR product advantages

  • High-end property marketing products that enhancing the user experience, combining of interactive entertainment communication and project value perfectly, bring up imperceptible experiential marketing.
  • The biggest difference between MR and AR is that MR is not only integrating the real world and the virtual world but also interacting with objects in the virtual world.
  • Convenient access to operations, easy module replication, etc., allows users to experience mixed digital simulation technology (Difficult to distinguish the difference between the real world and the virtual world by a display, sound, and touch). Bring unprecedented imagination.

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