Retail Solution

Ecosystem Retail Demonstration Solution is an ideal way to create engaging shopping experiences between your brand and the shopper. The shopper is invited to pick-up the merchandise and explores how it looks and feels.

Ecosystem Retail Demonstration Solution

Pick-up Detection

The pick-up detection solution provides a trigger in your setup as soon as a product is picked up by the shopper. The shopper can place a product inside the antenna range and its trigger can be used to start an information video or slideshow about the specific product.

Motion Detection

The motion detection solution can be used to trigger events on the Xperience controller such as lights to glow or a song to play. By implementing multiple trigger distances, the shopper can be subtly attracted from a distance and activated to interact with the product once being in front of the display. 

Shopper Activation

The shopper activation solution provides a large portfolio of LED lighting solutions. Starting from flicker-free white lighting, to multi color products that can be used to indicate an specific selection of products, nexmosphere LED lighting range all can be centrally controlled by your Xperience controller. 

Why Ecosystem Retail Demonstration Solution?

- To provide your customer memorable and engaging shopping experience
- To create innovative brand image
- To present promotional campagin and boost sales
- To generate market research and analysis via customer preference data
- Cost-effective

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