Audio Solution

Audio and video are used for enhancing the experience for music, videos, presentations, etc. There is a linkage between audio and video solutions, so we also provide professional Audio Solutions to our clients apart from Display Solutions. A higher sound experience is a lifestyle that people pursue nowadays. We provide a series of audio equipment such as wall-mounted speakers, subwoofers and celling speakers etc. No matter what kind of installation you would like to implement in your application, our wide range of audio products can fit for you. We offer all-in-one AV solution while high-quality of audio performance is the vital element. We strive to provide a perfect Audio solution with an intelligent Audio Automation and Control system. Our Audio Control System is widely applicable for Public Civil areas, Business Environments, Education Sections and Entertainments.

Ceiling Speaker

Audio Solution Includes

  • High end audio system
  • High end speaker, amplification supply and installation
  • Multi-room audio automation, central control and distribution
  • Wifi networking and cable infrastructure
  • Commercial audio system design and installation
  • Universal remote solution
  • Outdoor audio system
  • Indoor audio system

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