Digital Signage System

Total Signage Solution - BrightSign players can act as end-points for market-leading CMS systems. BrightSign also offers an all-inclusive solution with free BrightAuthor software, BrightPlates

Reliable, Affordable Digital Signage

BrightSign Application

Powerful Performance, Targeted for Specific Applications

BrightSign’s product lines target specific levels of applications and performance. All models offer H.265 decoding for efficient, high-quality video playback, Full HD 1080p60 video support, HTML5 rendering, interactivity and networking. Each product line provides increasing levels of video and HTML5 performance to deliver the right solution for any application.

Feature Applications

  • Retail Shopping System
  • Conference Room Booking System
  • Queueing System


BrightSign Retail Shopping System

Easy shopping experience by a CLICK

  • From select an item and pay for it only through a click on a touch panel and the product will be ready on the counter.

BrightSign Conference Room Booking System

Smart Booking with a Touch Panel

  • Our Booking System make booking more easily. Users can book rooms immediately and check room schedules with a glance. User can find free/ available rooms in the network and display information and multimedia.

BrightSign Queueing System

No more physical queue is needed

  • Our queuing system is an effective way to improve the traditional queuing form. It reduces queue times, serves more customers and improves operational efficiency.

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