Internet of Things

The AVT engine provides an incredible system to combine hardware and digital technologies to deliver dedicated solutions for AV and IT Integration environments.

AVT IOT Schematic

AVT-IOT Delivers the Gateway, Service & Ecosystem


  • An intermediary device that captures data, relays commands and allow legacy devices to connect with IoT services.


  • IoT platform provides the services to connect, control, monitor and manipulate data within the confines of digital limits, IoT is Modular and has infinite possibilities.


  • IoT transforms complex device networks into a controllable ecosystem. From extracting data and automation, IoT can provide access in multiple facets in a physical

AVT-IOT Network System

The AVT-IoT engine provides an incredible system to combine hardware and digital technologies to deliver dedicated solutions for different industries and institutional environments. From hardware controls, monitoring, automated sensing to integrating intranet services. Everything can be combined into one solution.

  • Connect AVT-IoT with Tencent to maximize pervasive connectivity leverage

Meeting Room Use Case: Corporate, Government and Institutions

AVT-IOT Application

Service Core

Manage all devices in one system; Control, schedule and monitor with ease

  • Analytic
  • Automatic
    • Device Protocol - Our proprietary connectivity engine to consolidate things with the internet
  • Modular Services
  • External API

AVT-IOT Interface

The essence of visualization is to allow people to make sense from an overwhelming discord of information. A curation of mechanisms to be interpreted in a digital interface. Simply to present the right information, the right controls to the right person at the right time; on-demand, anywhere.

  • Information and monitoring at a glance
  • Intuitive controls and dynamic processes governed by our service management system and Studios
  • Multiple operations in one single platform; from room bookings, to calendar schedules
  • Adaptive to the user, situation and location and other conditions
  • Developed with convenience and automation in mind

How AVT-IOT works in different Industries?

A complete platform for systems of any size and scale

Integrate Connective Automation

  • Eliminate process repetition and lessen technical dependence
  • Maximize tangible value through better manageability of multiform endpoints from RFID tags, POS systems to digital signage

AVT-IOT for Data Efficiency

  • The digital age does not lack data, what's missing is an effective way to extract insight
  • Value is added when the right information is delivered to the right person, at the right time

Aggregating office and business services

Centralized Facility Management

  • Branch into smart building management for new or existing institution networks
  • Lower reliance on human attention and gain predictive control to metering systems, monitor energy consumption with software intelligence

Extend Manageability of Digital Assets

  • Robust data management for complex networks of the future
  • Expand capacity for digital archives and regulate data distribution. Industry grade encryption to protect data at rest and motion

Simplify management of physical and digital assets

Enhance Environments

  • Unify hardware and software integrations across the board
  • Dynamic environment with ubiquitous availability of both digital and physical assets
Intuition Automation

  • AVT-IOT transforms complex device networks into controllable ecosystem.
  • Built to replace operational repetition and induce flexibility in real-time manipulation under a modular environment

True control and intelligence for retail

Smart Interactions and Impactful Retail Experiences

  • Build smart interactions and personalized shopping experiences to deliver beyond consumers

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