The Emperor Hotel, Hong Kong

Inncom In-Room Control System For The Emperor Hotel In WanChai Hong Kong

The Emperor Hotel is managed by Emperor Hotels Group, a subsidiary of Emperor Group. Founded as a humble watch retailer in 1942, Emperor Group is now a diversified group of businesses that includes financial services, property, watch and jewellery, entertainment, hospitality, media, furniture and furnishing, as well as food and beverage.

AVT has installed In-Room Controls for The Emperor Hotel with total 299 rooms including 292 Superior rooms and 7 executive suites.

  • 220V lighting control
  • Temperature control, with Inncom Modeva thermostat series
  • Occupancy control (With Occupancy senior and Door switches)
  • FCU (Fan Coil Unit) control
  • Socket outlet control
  • Door bell, DND (do not disturb), MUR(makeup room) control
  • Exhaust fan control

We believe that an efficient hotel management system deserves a robust and convenient application, thus INNcontrol™ 3 Server Based Software is applied. It minimizes revenue loss from rooms out of service due to HVAC problems and prevents lost rental revenue with an audit trail of rooms that are occupied for extended periods without being rented. It also ensures peak performance and operation and avoids catastrophic equipment damage such as frozen compressors etc. Using INNcontrol™3, hotel managements can manpower distribution and reduce operating costs.


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