The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2019

Outdoor LED Display and Central Control System

The Logo Square, locating at the heart of the campus, serves as a multi-purpose open space which facilitates the exchange of ideas and organizing of events, and strengthens the sense of belonging and pride of all members of Poly U.

AVT installed the very first LED panel at the Logo Square 8 years ago. Thanks to the trust of PolyU, AVT is proud to be selected once again to upgrade the facilities by installing a new Outdoor LED Display with the size of 25.81m² (6720mm x 3480mm), speakers and central control systems. The enhancement of these facilities delivers a whole new visual and auditory experience for PolyU colleagues and students.

Also, it has become more convenient when controlling the campus’s AV system as we have developed a tailor-made central control program which can be operated easily on an iPad. This improves the reliability and operating efficiency of the AV systems in support of information dissemination and activities on campus. 



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